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Day 8?

Well there you go. I missed one day, and then everything went wrong.

Even though those are pretty strong words, I hope you understand where I am coming from. I honestly do not want to know how many days I missed.
But that’s oke, because I am starting again! Today is the first day of the rest of my life right?
You might wonder what caused me to fall of the wagon. Really, there is not one thing I can blame besides myself. I missed the actual day 8 because I was on a plane (not even such a bad excuse) and after that I just let go. I had failed, so I quit.
But that is not the way to go about life! So I am starting over, with a daily update. Join me, and try again. Just because you failed once, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again.

Have a wonderful rest of your life 🙂

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Day 7

Hello sunshine!

You know what is awesome? Achievements!!! Today I managed to do something that I was unable to do before and I loved it. I took a class that was a little bit too difficult for me, but I could keep up. Obviously, I wasn’t the best, but that should never be your goal. I managed, that’s all I can say. Being the best, or number one or whatever, that is not something I strive for. I just want to be happy with the way I execute something and if other people also think it was good, that is even better.
Doing something that you couldn’t do before, whether it be due to fear or lack of experience, can give that feeling of content with yourself. That is why I think it is important to challenge yourself a little from time to time. If you can’t do it right away, just keep trying and I am sure that you will improve eventually. Will you be the best in the world? Probably not, but that is not necessary at all. Just don’t give up!

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Day 6

Who doesn’t love lazy days? Me, I think. That probably sounds strange, but I really do not enjoy them as much as I used to. Probably that is because I feel incredibly unproductive at the end of such a day. Not that you have to be productive everyday, but I do enjoy getting at least one thing done. I still love my sleep, but maybe I can do with a little bit less. As long as that doesn’t get out of hand – I don’t want to end up with a burnout or whatever – I will try to wake up a bit earlier. This means I will also have to go to bed a little earlier, but that shouldn’t be a problem. In all honesty, I usualy only watch tv at night, and I will survive with a little less of that!

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Day 5

Hi everyone,

Today I spent a lot of time in the studio. I just love to dance and the more I can do it, the better. There are only a few things in life that are greater than the feeling of your body and your heart taking over from your head. The pain you feel afterwards is something you take for granted, and it shows you that your body really worked hard. Whenever I finish a dance class, I always feel like more. When I am laying on the couch, however, I do not want to get up. I am struggling with this, as obligations and time constraints also get in the way. I just feel that I do not have enough time and energy to dance as much as I would like. That is frustrating to me, because dancing gives me energy. Hopefully I can dance more next year, when I have finaly finished school. Obviously, I want to continue educating myself, but I need to find a way to combine it!

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Day 3

Dear reader,

Tonight, I have ended the day with a nice evening in with some friends. We decided to watch brother bear two, because that’s just how cool we are. While watching it, I realised how much of a message was in that movie. It showed how one can conquer fear and how important real love is. A beautiful message of course, but does that really affect 5-year olds? Maybe it’s just me, but I always focused on the story rather than on the moral behind it. Every Disney movie seems to have huge life lessons. Now, there is nothing wrong that, but what is the point if the kids don’t get it? I honestly believe that these kind of movies are created for the parents that are watching with their kids. And that is efficient! If Disney raises parents to be good people, they will teach their kids to be good people. So keep watching kids movies, you now have an official excuse!

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Day 2

Hey everyone,

So life got pretty adventurous today: I cleaned. Now I don’t necessarily enjoy the actual cleaning, such as vacuuming, but I love organising. When everything is in its rightful place, sorted by colour etc. I just feel so relaxed. It allows your mind to calm down when you are not surrounded by a whole bunch of mess. Plus, it makes your living space look a lot prettier.
Although I sometimes feel that my almost-OCD-like tendencies can get out of hand, I would recommend an organised lifestyle. It might seem to take a lot of time when you have to clean everything, but that extra effort will save you time in your daily life. Just think about it for a second. How much time a day do you spend looking for your keys? If you simply find a set spot for it, preferably somewhere near your door, you will save that time every day So get organised!

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